College in a Can: What’s in, Who’s out, Where to, Why not, and everything else you need to know about life on campus by Sandra and Harry Choron
ISBN-13: 978-0618408719
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 2004
352 p.

GENRE: College Prep

TEASER: Here’s everything you need to get by in college.

SUMMARY: This book contains lists of everything you may need to know before, during, and after college. It addresses very useful topics like studying, essay writing, how to keep up in class, and tips for getting along with you roommate. In turn, there are topics that are not exactly vital to the college experience, like which TV shows are most popular among college students.

CRITIQUE: The variety in this book is astounding. I appreciated the honest and non-judgmental voice the book was written in. FOr instance, on the section for drug advice, the author’s explain why each drug is a bad idea in ways more than the classic, “it will kill you brain.” The author’s are practical and informative on the issues.

There are also some bits of advice that I’m sure parents won’t be too thrilled about. Aside from practical information on sex and drugs, the authors offer advice for how to sleep in class and get away with it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sandra Choron worked as an editor for ten years. she is the founder of the literary agency, March Tenth Inc..

harry Choron was a dentist for twenty-five years before he go into the book business. After leaving the world of dentistry, he became a graphic designer, literary agent, and writer for March Tenth Inc.






BOOKTALKING IDEAS: Did you find some of the list in this book pointless? If so why?

WHY INCLUDED: Older teens read through a lot of material in order to prepare themselves for college, I know I did. This book was to the point and has loads of useful information.