Final Fantasy XIII
Published by Square Enix
Released March 9, 2010
Platform: PS3, Xbox360
Rated T 13+

GENRE: Video Game, Role Playing

TEASER: Cocoon is not the paradise that they thought.

SUMMARY: Final Fantasy XIII is a role playing video game. The story takes place in Cocoon, a utopia-esque world in the sky. The people of Cocoon belief that they are living in paradise and that they are safe under the Sanctum’s rule. In order to protect the people of Cocoon, the Sanctum has ordered the purging of all people who have come in contact with Pulse, the world below. These people are l’Cie. They are given a focus and must complete it or be turned into a monster. Now Lightning must fight against the Sanctum to save her sister how has been made a l’Cie.

CRITIQUE: The camera controls are pretty good. There’s lots of range and it’s easy to control. The maps are also quite nice. The ability to zoom in on the maps is a nice feature. Aside from the fact that the cut scenes are gorgeous, you have the ability to skip cut scenes and pause them. This is not something that if offered in many games. The graphics are the best I’ve ever seen. The storyline is very well written. The characters are unique and interesting. I would play this game just for the cut scenes. The data logs are rather intimidating at first. For a new comer, it is quite confusing. Overall I enjoyed the game.


CHALLENGE ISSUES: This game contains violence.

DEFENSE: I would suggest looking at the ALA’s support page for challenged materials.



WHY INCLUDED: Final Fantasy was my first pick for a video game mainly because the graphics are so stunning.