Pride and Prejudice by Adapted Nancy Butler, Art by Hugo Petrus
ISBN-13: 978-0785139164
Marvel, New York, 2010
120 p.

GENRE: Graphic Novel, Classics Redone

TEASER: It’s the classic tale of Pride and Prejudice with a modern twist.

SUMMARY: Elizabeth Bennet is sprited and confident. This frustrates her mother who wishes to see all of her daughters married. Mr. Darcy is fascinated by Elizabeth, if entirely too frustrating. Can Elizabeth let go of her pride to see that Mr. Darcy isn’t her enemy.

CRITIQUE: I feel that Nancy Butler did a very nice job of abridging the text. There are also some places where she adds dialogue to move the story more efficiently. The language has also been modernized slightly. She stayed true to the original story. Hugo Petrus’s artwork is gorgeous. it did not feel out of place. It fit in perfectly with the regency atmosphere.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Hugo Petrus is a Spanish artist. He produces art for a weekly online comic, La Muse. Nancy Butler is a pen name. Her real name is Nancy J. Hajeski. She is a regency romance author. she also is the writer for the Marvel Classic Sense and Sensibility.





CURRICULUM TIES: English Literature

BOOKTALKING IDEAS: Discuss the adaptation of a literary classic to a graphic novel. Do you think it works?

WHY INCLUDED: I love the idea of classics redone with a modern twist. I was first drawn to this title because I am an Austen fan. I think these types of graphic novels are a great way for teachers and librarians to introduce classics to teens.